Monday, November 19, 2007


Post my earliest memory that is:#1 Clear enough to include three details.#2 Give my age.#3 Pass it along to some other folks. Well my easliest Would be that of my grandmother taking me and my sisters for walks around the apt we lived in at the time. I had to be 3 or 4. We had A red wagon that she would put me and my younger sister shane in. My older sister Julie would help push and or pull the wagon. Jackie (our dog at that time would go too). Sometimes she would take a lunch for all of us. We sit under a tree and eat it. We would take a lot of walk as a family. So there you go my earliest memory. My Grand mother did alot for us...and I really miss her. As for my next five victims...I think everyone has been tegged. If you haven't been tegged. You just got tegged.


T&A said...

Grandmothers are great!

tina said...

Ohhh, I was sitting here reading that and picturing it in my head. The red wagon part was cute. Yeah I miss my grandma too. Grandma's are so cool, I think my grandson will remember me as the "fun" grandma. I'd put him in the wheel barrow and race around the back yard...he loved it. We play video games together and bake things, watch movies, tell jokes, whatever we can find to do. We dress up before Halloween, to decorate my porch. We even go trick-or-treating together sometimes.Wow, you know what? I shouls write all those things down, hell I could be gone tomorrow, and he would have those things to remember me by. :)

tina said...

It's supposed to say "should" not shouls, sorry, typo on my part. :)