Thursday, November 29, 2007

vintage picture.

Ok here some pictures. Can you guess who they are? I'll tell you this much about them ..They are my family member.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Have a drink on me!

I got to thinking about Tex comment on my last post. I to use to drink...Alot. It wasn't uncommon for me to kill off a 12-pack by myself in a sitting. It start with a six-pack in the morning after work then it became a 12-pack after a while. On the weekend when I would go over to Larro to hang out. I could easly drink my way through a 12-pack and be working on a second 12-pack by myself. Making a complete ass of myself. I was one of four drunks. Happy drunk,arguementive drunk,loving drunk or ultra depressed drunk. The last one being the worst of the bunch. When I became ultra depressed drunk, I would cut myself(no I don't do this anymore). Of cause when I sober up...I would feel like a real big ass. I still have the scars to remind me what a dumb ass I was. This went on for a couple years. One morning after a real big binder. I wake up and thought to myself, this is getting old real quick. So I stop drinking. Cold turkey. I think it was a month or two went by...not a drop. Then I thought what the hell I feel like having a beer. After killing of seven beers ....I knew then I was done with drinking. I haven't had a drop since I have no desire to drink..every again. Now I can sit back and watch other people drink them selves in to a stupor. That use to be me,but not anymore. I have been sober for the last 3 or 4 years. I sober up on my own. How did I do this you ask? Well lets start with the taste the it leaves in your month. I don't care how many time you brush your teeth...that does not go away. The number it did on my stomach. I love waking up with pain in my gut. Lets not forget the nauseous feel that stay with you all day. I'm not knock anyone who want to have a drink,it just not for me anymore. As for my last post. Sometimes I just need to bitch and then I feel better. But thanks for all the support!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

A fine day to exit.

The other day I was thinking about my life. I'm 36 and my hair is graying. I have no children or a girlfriend. Most of the people I grow up with...I no longer talk too. I can only remember once in my life being happy. I mean really happy. That was when I was married. So out of 36 years that would be about 3 of 4 years. She divorced me and went on with her life. I went back to the life I had before I met her. To being a nobody..once again. I have been really depressed lately. I get up go to work and come home. Check some of my sites and my blogs. Outside of playing video games. I don't have a life. I'm having a hard time with building my model tanks. My eye sight is getting worse. I find no joy in life. Thats not a life it's just existing. If the first 36 years are indication of whats to come. I don't want it. I Find myself becoming more of a recluse. There is nothing in life for me...maybe this sound melodramatic. But it's the way I feel. Maybe I just need to some sleep. I can hope for brighter days. But I'm not holding my breath on that one. Generally I'm just tired of being.

Monday, November 19, 2007


Post my earliest memory that is:#1 Clear enough to include three details.#2 Give my age.#3 Pass it along to some other folks. Well my easliest Would be that of my grandmother taking me and my sisters for walks around the apt we lived in at the time. I had to be 3 or 4. We had A red wagon that she would put me and my younger sister shane in. My older sister Julie would help push and or pull the wagon. Jackie (our dog at that time would go too). Sometimes she would take a lunch for all of us. We sit under a tree and eat it. We would take a lot of walk as a family. So there you go my earliest memory. My Grand mother did alot for us...and I really miss her. As for my next five victims...I think everyone has been tegged. If you haven't been tegged. You just got tegged.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

America.....Land of the lemming.

When did we as a country become a bunch of whine-babys! What happen to freedom of expression? Why do we let evangelist run amock? Why can't the fundies in this country read? Why do let people run this country who can't dress them selves without a paramedic team standing by? Why do we bitch a about small stuff? such as the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction. Oh my god I just saw her world has come to end. Come on is this what we have to worry about! More important why is killing other people alright...but sex is EVIL! I remember after 9-11 having this lady tell me how "god" was looking out for us. Which I responded You mean much like he did for the German during world war two. I hate when morons try to use god as a justification for killing other. I love how they can sit there with a straight face and tell me how it's alright. You know the same people who scream about being moral right in this country. I see nothing moral in them or their god. I see them for what they are....horrible people. You want to tell why it's a bad thing to look out for the people in this country who really need help? What has the moral right done for this country of late? Outside of dragging us into a war, Leaving this country in finanicial ruin. Don't even get me start on the state of our health care,justice system,education(feeling a rage induced coma coming on). If anyone has morally bankrupt this country it has been the moral right.

Monday, November 5, 2007

What famous car company made panzer for the germans

Did you say Porsche? Thats right folks the porsche made several panzer(tanks) for the german army. Who design the vw bug(or the people cars as it was knew in germany)...once again that would be Dr.Porsche. One of the first design he submitted was for the tiger heavy tank contract. The other firm that was involved in the process was Henschel. The porsche tiger...or as it was later know as the Tiger p lost to the Henschel prototype. The reason being that the tiger p complex electric drive world be a maintiance nightmare. Five such vechicle being built at this point. The tiger p did see combat with the 653 heavy tank battalion. The next vechicle was the Ferdinand (named after it's designer). This tank was based on the tiger p chasis. The problems with the ferdinand were many. One was the power to weight ratio. Those tanks were always under powered. The lost of a road wheel ment the lost of a vechicle. They never had anything to recover these monster with. So they turned some of them into recovery vechicle. I wonder who brainfart that was. Yes, lets use a tank thats already under powered for it's weight to recover another monster of a same size. Let's not forget to lack of a machine gun for protection. Next in the line was the elephant. Really it just update version of the ferdinand. They add a machine gun and a commander cupola,and a gun shield. At this point zimmerit(anti-magenetic paste) was add to most tanks in the germany army. The last elephant being phased out in Italy do to combat attrition. only 90 of this vechicle were built. Next was the king tiger with the porsche turret. 50 of this vechicle being built before the wars end. The problem with porche king tiger. Was once again the weight of the vechicle,the round front of the turret(if you hit it right would send the shell down into the drive compartment). most were lost to engine break down and not in combat. The last was the jagdtiger with porche suspension. Only 77 of those were built. The weight of the vechicle proving to much for the suspenion. What did those vechicle have on there side. They're guns could kill most(if not all) allies armor at great distance with easy. The other plus for these tanks was their armor. The armor proving adequate for the protecting of the crews. Of the 77 jagdtiger built only ten of them had the Porsche suspension. With the exception of the elephant most of them were replaced by a superior design from the Henschel firm. When they did run they did give a good accounting of themselves. Not many of these tanks survived the war. To my knowledge there is only one king tiger with a porche turret left and it's not a runner. Last but not least was the Maus. This thing was big...I mean really big. Weight come in at 188 tons. The main guns 128 mm with a coaxial 75mm gun. Only two ever been built. Both were thrown into combat in the last hours(literally)war. One was blown up by it's crew the other was capture by the Russians. The drawing is of tiger p. The top picture is of the Maus. It was built by Krzysztof Sinczuk. Next is the Jagdtiger that was built by Bill Goodrich. The king tiger with the Porsche was built by Ying Li. The Elefant was built by Joe Lo. The Ferdinand was built by Mark ford. I used the models So you could have an idea of what each tank looked like. Since I didn't built them. I'm not one of those jerks who try to take other people glory. I give credit to those who did built them.

Stuff I have found on photobucket.

Ok I'm being lazy with this blog. I'm posting some of the stuff I have found on photobucket.