Tuesday, November 13, 2007

America.....Land of the lemming.

When did we as a country become a bunch of whine-babys! What happen to freedom of expression? Why do we let evangelist run amock? Why can't the fundies in this country read? Why do let people run this country who can't dress them selves without a paramedic team standing by? Why do we bitch a about small stuff? such as the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction. Oh my god I just saw her breast...my world has come to end. Come on is this what we have to worry about! More important why is killing other people alright...but sex is EVIL! I remember after 9-11 having this lady tell me how "god" was looking out for us. Which I responded You mean much like he did for the German during world war two. I hate when morons try to use god as a justification for killing other. I love how they can sit there with a straight face and tell me how it's alright. You know the same people who scream about being moral right in this country. I see nothing moral in them or their god. I see them for what they are....horrible people. You want to tell why it's a bad thing to look out for the people in this country who really need help? What has the moral right done for this country of late? Outside of dragging us into a war, Leaving this country in finanicial ruin. Don't even get me start on the state of our health care,justice system,education(feeling a rage induced coma coming on). If anyone has morally bankrupt this country it has been the moral right.


Larro said...

Ha! I'm here first (unless somebody is commenting as I am).

We indeed can blame the ills of this country on whoever we want to make as the scapegoat. W seems to fit the bill very nicely.

This raises a serious question or two though.

If our country as we see it is going down the wrong road does this indeed mean we have enabled this gargantuan beast to lumber into a cul-de-sac?

Can we look back down this road and see times that were better?

When we look ahead, what vision do we see? For whom?

I would like to answer this last question in my own observations. Personally I would like to see this nation embrace the notion of "we" (again) and not "me". The "me" which is exemplified in corporate interest and power polity as opposed to the "we" as in "we the people", the public, the republic (small r). When did "we" become "me" in this regard?

tina said...

In my opinion, it is the result of power,too much of it in fact. A lot of us have been sheep, sad to say. I'm not sure what the solution is anymore....I know we need Bush and Co. out of office but are we informed on who is running for president? I just don't TRUST anyone, well maybe Larro, but then he'd be rich and we wouldn't be able to stomach him either! lol!
I do know the religious people need to stop using religion as a moral code, just do what's right dammit. Stay out of politics and stay in the churches. Abortion and gay rights issues shouldn't be influenced by a bible.

T&A said...

What can I say that the three of you haven't already said?
We are living in dangerous times my friends. There's no disputing that. We have been lulled into complacency by international banking and other corporations to buy, buy, buy!
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Everything will be OK if we just keep shopping,and paying our taxes!

tina said...

We're off to see the wizard.....