Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Top 20 albums

I was thinking about this on the way home from work today. Since most of us are music lovers. Why not do a top 20 of your favorite albums. Now if your like me I could easly do a top 100. But for this blog lets just do a top 20 for the time being. Here is my list in no particular order.

1. Slayer: God hates us all 8. Dismember: Like an ever-flowing stream
2. Ride: nowhere 9. The gathering:Mandylion
3. Mira:mira 10. Elliot: False cathedral
4. Pixies:bossanova 11. Pink Floyd: pulse
5. Anathema: A fine day to exit 12. Neurosis: Souls at zero
6. Silent hill series soundtracks 13. Immolation: Here in after
7. Sick of it all:Blood,sweat and no tears 14. Incantation: Mortal throne of Nazarene 15. Concrete Blonde: Bloodlet,16. The Jin-Roh soundtrack,17. Disembowelment: Transcendence into the peripheral,18. Isis: Panopticon,19. Rodrige y Gabriela: Rodrige y Gbriela,20. The war a Ken Burns film: the soundtrack. So there you are here my list of 20.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Seven random and/or weird things about me.

1. I love playing with the silkie part on blankets. 2. Me and Larro share the same birthday a year apart(sept 29). 3. I carry a Zippo( the real deal not a cheap knack off). 4. Everytime my car hits something I make a pssssst sound(you know like a hole,old woman with a walker,lawyer,etc). 5. I hung myself on the playground when I was a kid. 6. I'm a dyslexic(not joking). 7. I always lay out my clothes for the next day. So there you go some odd things about me.

Monday, December 17, 2007



The Problem of recovering heavy tanks had become clear since the commitment of the Tiger in late 1942. In view of the large number of panthers it was intended to deploy in mid 1943,plans were made for a recovery vehicle based on the panther chassis. In June 1943,the first twelve were built by simply providing a turretless tank chassis from the MAN production. Normal production was then under-taken by Henschel from July 1943, and they built 70 before their Panther production ceased in November 1943. The need Berge-panther continued, and in February 1944,Demag converted their entire Panther production to Bergepanther. After an additional 150 Ausf A units,the Ausf G went into production in September 1944. In April 1944. Hitler ordered that Bergepanthers be built from Panthers sent rebuild, and the plan was for thirteen in April,eighteen in May,twenty in June and ten in July this programme did not materialze,and only eight conversions were made in August 1944.

Specific features:

The original twelve Bergepanther were turretless panther Ausf D , but those built by Henschel in 1943 were fully equipped with a 40 ton winch,spade and 1.5 ton derrick. Again the chassis was Ausf D. The Demag vehicles with the "letter-box" MG port in the hull front plate. 2cm KwK38 Mounting was eliminated from this series, and the spade was extended.

Combat sevice:

The panzer Regiment Lauchert had four of the first twelve,so-called Schlepper,at Kursk (the biggest tank battle of ww2) in July 1943, while the 51st and 52nd Panzerabteilungen each had four Bergepanther. The normal establishment of the workshop and recovery company of each tank detachment was from two to four Bergepanther. The workshop and company of the heavy tank detachments was two Bergepanther.

Final thoughts:

My source for information on this subject : Encyclopedia of GERMAN TANKS of world war two(my bible).

The picture: Is of my Bergepanther Ausf D. I used the Italeri kit straight from the box. The only thing not from the kit was a piece of wood I stole from sister doll house. Sorry it's not the greatest picture.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I've been tagged

Ok so I have been tagged to tell about event that I can't explain away. A paranormal event if you will. Generally I don't buy into to that stuff. I think of you sit down and take a good look at it. You'll find that there is rational explanation. After I got out of the army I worked for a cleaning company called knight's cleaner. I worked for this company for about twelve years(give or take a year). The one building that I spent a good chunk of the time cleaning was a building named old kent(a six story office buidling). The 5th and the 3th floors were will known for having odd occurances. Most of the "odd occurances" that happen to me to. I can explain away as over active immagination. Working in a building by yourself where the most mundain noise become very sinister. There are four events that I'm still working on to explain. My first year at old kent I had going to the 5th floor to grab a can of pop. As I'm walking out of the suite The door closed byhide me(it was automatic closeing door)....I made sure it was locked. I got on the elevator and heard the door open and slam shut again. So I stuck my head out to see if there was someone there. There was not. Years later I had to do walkthroughs to make sure the work had been done( I was a suppervisor and this was part of my job). Once again this occurance happen on the 5th floor. As I walk around the corner and looked down the hall I could see someone walk around the corner at the far end of the hall. I thought nothing of it. This was an accounting firm and it was tax season. So it was not uncommon for people to work late. I did my walkthrough and found no one in the suite. I didn't hear them leave. I heard no doors open and close. That was a "what the fuck was that" moment. Not to long after that little event I was up on the same floor cleaning the bathroom. When I heard someone call my name. I thought it was the Art(my boss at the time). It wasn't uncommon for him to pop in at odd times to see how things were going or to tell that me about work that needed to be done. Nothing....So I checked the park lot(from the 5th floor you had a good view of both parking lots). His truck wasn't there,for that matter the only car in the parking lot was mine. Yet another "what the fuck was that" moment. The last event happen on the 3rd floor. I was cleaning the lawyer office on the 3rd floor. Lost in my thoughts. About half way through I got this over-whelming feeling like I was being watched. It creeped me out so bad that I had to go outside and have a smoke to calm down. In all the years that I had work there...this is the only time I have freaked out like that. I have never been so rattle before or since. I know it was just my mind working over time. But what got me it come out of the blue! So these are my stories. Take them for what you will. Parting thoughts about Old kent. Old Kent was built on the site of the old post tavern. A well know hotel and restaurant. Post Tavern was well know for being"haunted". Old kent has had two deaths. One guy died while the build was being built the other died in a suite(while I was working there..and no I didn't kill him) of natural causes.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Urban Exploration

We the crazy....the few ....dare to go where most people won't dream of exploring! Ok this blog was inspired by T&A night pictures(nice work). Since I was a kid I have love walking around in abandoned buildings. You have notice the picture on the top part of my page. That was taken in abandoned school. Some of the other building's that I have been in was a paper mill,asylum. The paper mill and the school are gone now. But I got a chance to get in there and look around before they tore down the buildings. One thing about walking around in old building you never know what you will find. Like in the paper mill there was old porn all over the place. In the asylum the was a lot of stuff in the old morgue. Lost America: Wheels You have to check out his site. I love his work! If I had the money I would travel around the country taking photos of old buildings,trains,planes,etc. To me that is freedom! I wanted to start a group of urban explores. But it won't no where. I still want to do this. Hopefully one day I will get a chance too. There is alot of history out there going waste. I would love to explore as much of it as I can before it gone. I just notice that photo say happy thanksgiving..Just like the shot.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Things that you will find in my room.

Ok so here are a few things that you will find in and around my room.
1. A bodybag(yes I have one.....and no it's has not been used).

2. A blow up love doll(ask me about it and I'll tell you the story behide it).

3. Books on german tanks of world war two(everything you ever want to know but were afraid to ask).

4. A skull(it's a fake).

5. Two or three boxes full of star blazers model kits.

6. My tape collection(lost count after 400).

7. All the panzer that I haven't built yet( they are stacked up to the ceiling).

8. My cd(once again I stopped counting after 300).

9. ss runes and two panzer badges and other german awards from ww2( I'm a history nut...not a nazi).

10. A flak jacket

11. a shit load of games and movies.

12. More Japanese anima kits.

13. A variety of books and comics(from when I was a kid).

14. Robotech and patlabor models and toys.

15. Voltron( I have both the loins and the cars).

16. The Dml figures(all world war two and very acturate).

17. A German helmet(the picture is not of my helmet).
This is just some of the stuff you will find in my room. Yes I have a lot of toys. Hell I'm not dating or married so I have to have something.