Sunday, December 9, 2007

Urban Exploration

We the crazy....the few ....dare to go where most people won't dream of exploring! Ok this blog was inspired by T&A night pictures(nice work). Since I was a kid I have love walking around in abandoned buildings. You have notice the picture on the top part of my page. That was taken in abandoned school. Some of the other building's that I have been in was a paper mill,asylum. The paper mill and the school are gone now. But I got a chance to get in there and look around before they tore down the buildings. One thing about walking around in old building you never know what you will find. Like in the paper mill there was old porn all over the place. In the asylum the was a lot of stuff in the old morgue. Lost America: Wheels You have to check out his site. I love his work! If I had the money I would travel around the country taking photos of old buildings,trains,planes,etc. To me that is freedom! I wanted to start a group of urban explores. But it won't no where. I still want to do this. Hopefully one day I will get a chance too. There is alot of history out there going waste. I would love to explore as much of it as I can before it gone. I just notice that photo say happy thanksgiving..Just like the shot.


tina said...

I'd join but I'm too chickenshit of the cops catching me inside!

Pyramidhead said...

I ask a cop what would happen...He told me that you would either be ask to move on or give you a ticket for tresprassing. He said just be upfront with them.

Tex said...

It's kinda cool to be in deserted places. I used to work as a security guard in a town, and would have to drive around checking on the security of premises during the night. Most of them were businesses, so were empty at night, and most of them you just had to drive past, or check the doors and go, but some wanted you to actually go into the premises to check.

One place was a big engineering and welding fabrication lot, with heaps of big spooky shapes and dark spots, and chains on block and tackles and hoists which would rattle if it was windy and scare the crap out of me.

After a while you get a bit complacent, and one day at another place (a cement manufacturing plant), I got out of the vehicle to check inside a door (we had to go in and check an office), and as i entered, the door slammed behind me - some fucker was out there and they locked me in with a padbolt from the outside, then stole the vehicle (I left the keys in, doh!).

They drove through some locked gates and then around in the bush near some stock yards and got the vehicle stuck on a mound of earth, and the cops arrived and caught the bloke.

I was lucky I did go in the building, otherwise he may have hit me from behind or worse!!!

Pyramidhead said...

Damn that messed up. When I worked as a janitor I use to walk around the building after we get done cleaning them.

handmaiden said...

I spent some years being homeless as a teenager. I had my share of cold deserted buildings. The thought depresses me.
Although, I imagine it's different when you are doing it for fun.

handmaiden said...

Oh BTW, the pictures in the link were awesome!

T&A said...

I'd probably join you! I love walking through old buildings!

Thanks for the compliment!

T&A said...

You've been tagged!

James said...

I dig old buildings too. I'm an artist (mainly painting) but I'm getting into photography now. I like to shoot old buildings in black and white. They seem to speak more to me for some reason. Maybe it signifies oldness, history that I love so much. Old building have so much character.

There is an old sugar beat factory near my house and I've been wanting to check it out for some time but there are signs all over saying, "Trespassers will be shot!!"


I've thought about contacting someone there and asking for a tour.

Also, I lived in Utah for a time and there was this old abandoned university called, BYU Academy. It was the original site for BYU University.

Anyway, it was used for years by satanic groups and one night my friend went in there to check things out. Well, in the basement he found this room painted all in black (even the windows) and a red pentagram painted on the floor. He said it was fascinating but strange at the same time.

He brought me back an old door knob as a sign that he did indeed go in there. I dared him. :)