Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Seven random and/or weird things about me.

1. I love playing with the silkie part on blankets. 2. Me and Larro share the same birthday a year apart(sept 29). 3. I carry a Zippo( the real deal not a cheap knack off). 4. Everytime my car hits something I make a pssssst sound(you know like a hole,old woman with a walker,lawyer,etc). 5. I hung myself on the playground when I was a kid. 6. I'm a dyslexic(not joking). 7. I always lay out my clothes for the next day. So there you go some odd things about me.

1 comment:

tina said...

1. Ah, you like silkies! lol!
2. You could of been my kid too!
3. Zippo's are the best.
4. ?
5. On accident I hope!
6. I knew that, did you have a hard time in school?
7. Shit, I always end up changing my mind on the clothes thing!
8. ooo...I was having fun commenting!