Friday, October 26, 2007

Are you patriotic?

Whats doe it mean to be patriotic. No, I'm not talking about waving a flag,thumping a bible..and tell everyone around you(much to our annoyance) how great this country is. This is what it mean to be patriotic to me. Pointing out we have problems. Real problems that are not going away by praying to your "god". Problem that we the people have to fix. Everyone in this country has a right to voice their concern. Because you are gay does not mean you have less civil liberties then me. Because you don't believe in a "god" that you don't have a right to criticze organized religion. One of the founding principles of this country is "we the people". Not the we the corporate conglomerate, Special interest group,etc. As American I feel that NO one should have to go with out. Be it heatlh care,higher education,food and housing. Giving big tax breaks to the up one percent,while expecting the rest of us to pick up the slack. Cutting social programs so we can waste billions on military hardware that doesn't really work(I drove a Bradley in the army..just ask me about it). I feel as American it is your duty to vote. It's our voice and a birth right. Something they haven't taking away from us yet. We as the people should be mad...I mean really mad. Of the course this country is taking. It's not for the benefit of all of us....just for the few. It's time to stop this madness while we still have a country,world to save. The similarities between Bush and Hitler are numerous. That it scares me. We have problem...that we can fix.

Tigers,Panthers and stugs ...oh my!

I have Been working on a late production Panther g with chin mantlet. A nightfighter ....or as the german called them werewolfs. These were tanks,self-propelled gun,half-tracks equip with infar-red. I want to do something differnt. A subject that most people don't do. So I did a night fighter panther G. I have been working on this kit for the last 3 or 4 years on and off. All I have to do now is paint the tracks and finish painting the panther. I'm really happy with the end results so far. I used the dml Panther kit. I took parts from some of my tamiya panthers kits and the rest I found in my junk box. A box I put the left overs from other kits that I have done. Here what I use on the kit. Tamiya panther tracks (individual have to put each track together). Parts from the Tamiya Panther g "steel wheel"kit. I used the infar-red scopes from this kit. It has a metal barrel. Metal schuzen mounts (side skirts) which I bent up. They were damge very easily in combat. I "wired" up all the scopes. I scratch built the rear battery pack on the rear of the tank. I used various photo-etched parts on the kits. Metal parts that gives it a more realistic look. I will post the pictures of the panther that inspier me to build this model. So you know what the hell I'm talking about when I say I wired up the scopes. Along with some of the other kits that I have built. Such as my prize winning sturmtiger(stormtiger) and my mid production tiger with interior. As soon as I have picture of the panther I will post them too.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

words can not express who much I hate my job.

I work in a group home. One day we had sensitivity traning. What we should do if a client is dying (this does happen in my line of work). Like telling them to go towards the light. Which I piped up....No, I'm not going to lie to them. This went over like a lead ballon. The god bullshit runs amuck in this field. Which I want to point out if there was a god ...why are these people born with so many health problems. So asking if I can have they're radio. Because they're not going to need it where they're going. Would that be in bad form? The point here being. That most of the clients I work with are non-verble. they Have no voice(litterally). So they can't say if they want to go to church...or out to eat. God is shoved down their throat. The power to be have unreal expectation for those people. What do I mean by that. Well one example Would be "james". James is a 45 year old male who look like a ten year old child. James day consist of making chicken noises(I'm not joking..he really does this)eating,punching the clown,sleeping. Thats pretty much is he world. They act like one day he going to stand up and want to take flying lessons. This is not going to happen....ever! I have seen his caseworker come in and carry on a conversacion like he going to respond. He does with chicken noise. All I can do for him is to make sure that he is clean,well feed, and get he meds when he needs them. Don't get me wrong I do talk to them....but I know that their not going to respond. The other big joke is clients rights. A class I have to take every year. Funny how our rights as employees never come up in these classes. It's a joke! I can't tell you how many times I haved watch them walk all over their rights. All in the name of their bottom line. I could report them. Nothing will be done about it and I'll lose my job for doing the right thing. I have seen this scenerio play out again and again with the same end results. I really really really hate my job.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

my tattoo's

My Sister Kara got my first tattoo for me as a b-day gift. I was hooked, now I have ten in all. On my left forarm I have pyramidhead(from the game and the movie silent hill). On my right forarm I have "bob hates us all". Hell I'll just post pictures of the rest. I do not have a picture of my cuff title tattoo. Tell me what you think of them. Yes I want to get more.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Yamato and her sister ship the Musashi.

The yamato and the Musashi where the biggest Battleships ever built. The Yamato was completed in 1941 with the Musashi being finish in 42. Both had a speed of 27 knots,Displacement coming in at 71,659 tons. Main guns where ,three 46 cm L/45 triple barreled guns. Secondary guns ,four 15.5 cm triple barreled gun. High angle guns ,six 12.7 double guns. machine guns four 13mm double guns. The only difference between the ships Where the caliber of the machine guns...The musashi Had 130.25 mm machine guns. Both ship had a crew of 2,500 men. Those ships were design for a knock down fight. I don't know why those two ships have always been my favorites. I have allways liked the way that Japanese ship bridges looked. I would have loved to watch those main guns in action(who need porn this is better). The Imperial Japanese navy main battle plan was to draw the American navy into one final gun battle. Dueling Battleship to decide the outcome of the war. This was not to be. The battleship at this stage of the century had become a dinosaur. Now most of the battles in the Pacific were being decide by aircraft carries. The battleship be allocated to secondary rules. Such as fire support for the landing force. The Yamato never get a chance (lucky for us) to use her main guns to affect. How BIG was the Yamato you ask? She weighted more then all of the U.S.Fleet combind, she was sent to attack. Most of the U.S. fleet was destroyers,destroyers escorts,carries escorst. Thats still a big ship, one of her main turret weighted more then one of the U.S. destroyers alone. On April 7 1945 early in the morning the Yamato was spotted by one of our planes. By noon on that same day over 300 of our planes pounced on her. Take no less then ten torpedoes,eight bombs to sink her. With a loss 2,498 of her crew.The musashi met her end on the 24 October 1944. She was attacked by several U.S. aircraft from four aircraft carries. Sustained 20 aerial torpedo and 17 bomb hits plus 16 damaging near missies. Four and half hours after this last attack she sank. I always wonder why the Yamato went on to such notoriety and the Musashi slipped into obsurity. The death of the Yamato was the swansong for the Imperial Japanese navy. If they had survived the war they would have been cut up for scrap or use for the atomic testing that went on in the pacific after the war. To me they were beautiful ships. The picture on the bottom is the Yamato. The picture in the middle is The Musashi. The last picture is of the Yamato as she lay today.....broken.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Meme: Your Daily Principles

To Ponder, To Think: Interactions with other people and the world around me help me to define who I am. To make me better interact with people around me. Every time I think we've hit a new low some chuckle heads take us lower.

Solitude: It doesn't really bother me to be alone. It gives my time to reflect on the world around me.

History: To observe our past and see how it reflects on our daily lives and its affects.

Hate: As in I really hate the fucking human race.

Monday, October 15, 2007

I'm on the atheist blogRoll

I have been add to the atheist roll. So now like the rest of I can deal with the nut jobs who read my blogs and don't care for I write about. I will continue to annoy the right,the brain dead fundies. From now on I will refer to god as the cosmic mcmuffin. I will continue pants the pope at every chance I get. Soooo on that note I'm off to do battle with the great monkey god....he take my last pack of smokes. Bastard!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Glen Beck....who give this moron a show!

Ever want a good laugh. Watch Glen Beck. He is an ass in every sense of the word. This corproate stooge wants to go into Iran. Never mind the fact that our military is all ready over stretched. You know in place like Iraq and Afganistan. Where the fight not going so well. Anyone who has studied history know what happen when you over stretch your military power. Just ask the German and The Japanese,the Romes about their attempts at world conquest. Of cause This ass is not going to go and fight. Thats left to the poor and the working class. Of late he has had "good godfearing idiots" on his show. You know the funides who are all for kill in the name of god. The same clowns who think if you not one of "us" you shouldn't have right. The same people who will tell you the war in the middle east is justified. Glen is so fucking clueless is not funny. Glen is like so many christains ...he a good christain when he think it makes him look like redeeming human being. For me it just show what an ass he really is. I love his take on health care in this country and how socialize medicine is a "bad thing". I know it's a bad thing when you take care of your citizens and not put all the money in to the pockets of military -industrial complex. We don't need another jet fighter that can take a fly out at 3,000 miles. We need more jobs(I mean real jobs not mcdee's), better eduction,health care for all. I say we take people like Glen and make him work at a dead job.....make him go and fight the war he sooo badly wants in Iran. We don't need more glen in this world.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I'm atheist.....thats my right.

I'm atheist and I say this with pride. I just want to know when my civil liberties went out the window because I don't believe in the cosmic mcmuffin. According to fundies this country's was founded on christain morality(I use this term loosely). Now, I could go off on a rant about life under christain rule in this country. But I don't think most people reading this blog have the week or two it would take to read it. When was the last time you saw a show geared to the atheist point of view. We don't have a voice in this country...or the running of it. Never mind this country was founded freedom. Freemdom of speech,freemdom of religion or the lack of it. Hell if the fundies had they're way we all be shipped off to camps. Just doing the lord work by killing the non-believers. They go out of the way to silence us. Because they know the can't use god to keep us inline with. Because we see them for what they are. Small mind greedy hypocrites. I don't know about you. But I will fight them at ever turn. I will give them hell every chance I get! I'm not going away...and I can't be silenced. Because that is my right!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hollywood Tiger

We all have seen saving Private Ryan. Remember the tank that Tom Hanks character was shooting at? That was a Tiger or should I say a Hollywood Tiger. Anyone who saw Kelly hero's with Clint Eastwood saw another Hollywood tiger. How did I know there not the real deal you ask? One there is only one tiger tank left in the world thats still a "runner". That would be early production that the english capture in Tunsia. Out of 1,354 there is only one left that still runs. Kinda blows the mind! Here the dead give away that not real tiger(outside of the info I all ready give you). One the turret sits to far forward on the chasis. The drive sprocket and idel wheel are to small. Those vechicles do not have the trade mark interluiving road wheels which was a prominent feature on the tiger. The tanks tracks are way to small and flat to be tiger tracks. Both of the Hollywood tigers have a drum cupola of early production tiger. The saving private Ryan tiger has drum cupola and Zimmerit. A paste that German's put on most of they're tanks at the time so magentic mines could not be attached to the vechicles. Zimmerit as in the case of the tiger was found on the mid and late production models. The was only three early production tigers with zimmerit and all them were on the Russian front. No one in their right mind is going to damage the one and only surviving tiger tank that still moves on it's own power. It's a piece of history that can't be replaced. The Hollywood tiger is a russia T-34 or in some case a T-55 mocked up to look like a tiger. The picture on the bottom is the Hollywood tiger. The picture on the top are of two real tigers.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Tomb Raider...banging my head against the wall!

I'm a gamer(and yes I have had sex with a real woman). Of late I have been pretty burnt out with most of my games. Silent hill series being one of my favorite .....But you can only play it for so long. Mid-night club,Naval ops,sims 2,Medal of honor series,killzone all games that I have played to no end. I thought Tomb raider I haven't played that in a while ...why not. Tomb raider is like a car wreck. Your horrified but you can't look away! This installment of tomb raider is called the angel of darkness. I have been stick at the same part for the last two years! You think I swear alot on some of my post. You should hear me playing this! I could use a cheat to get past this part. But whats the point of playing the game. Right now in the game I'm stick in a room with a red ghost. That can kill you with easy just by flying through you. In order to got out of the room I have grab a painting from the hands one of five statue. Sounds's not. The painting is a blue light that keeps moving from the hands of the statue. You have to shoot the ghost with a shotgun and this buy you a small amount of time(and I do mean a small amount of time...try like 3secs). which should let you grab the painting,unlocking the door to get out of this nightmare! In all the walkthroughs I have read they make it sound easy. Yet, I'm still stick in this part. Which takes all the fun out of the game. There's hard and then there is tomb raider annoying. So I'm going back to yell the tv and see if I can finaly get pass this part of the game. AAAggggghhhhhhhh!

Monday, October 1, 2007

were off to save the human race...our star blazer!

Star Blazer...I remember when I was a kid rushing home to watch my favorite show at that time...which was Star blazer (spaceship Yamato as it was known in Japan). The first time I see the argo ,I feel in love with that ship it was awesome! I have allways loved battleship as well as german tanks of world war two. But with battleship I have a universal love( I don't care what country they're from). So, to see a show that brought back the biggest damn battleship ever made...will that just fucking ruled! The Argo and the Andromeda are still my favorite ships of the series. A couple of years ago I got a chance to buy the model kits from the show. I jumped at the chance. For the cost of shiping and handling of some boxes of kellogg cereal! Anytime I came across the books from the show I snagged them. I have The first season in paper back(I have all five books..which is very rare to find). As well other books from the series. Star blazer started my love for anime. It has and well always hold a special place in my heart.