Wednesday, October 24, 2007

words can not express who much I hate my job.

I work in a group home. One day we had sensitivity traning. What we should do if a client is dying (this does happen in my line of work). Like telling them to go towards the light. Which I piped up....No, I'm not going to lie to them. This went over like a lead ballon. The god bullshit runs amuck in this field. Which I want to point out if there was a god ...why are these people born with so many health problems. So asking if I can have they're radio. Because they're not going to need it where they're going. Would that be in bad form? The point here being. That most of the clients I work with are non-verble. they Have no voice(litterally). So they can't say if they want to go to church...or out to eat. God is shoved down their throat. The power to be have unreal expectation for those people. What do I mean by that. Well one example Would be "james". James is a 45 year old male who look like a ten year old child. James day consist of making chicken noises(I'm not joking..he really does this)eating,punching the clown,sleeping. Thats pretty much is he world. They act like one day he going to stand up and want to take flying lessons. This is not going to happen....ever! I have seen his caseworker come in and carry on a conversacion like he going to respond. He does with chicken noise. All I can do for him is to make sure that he is clean,well feed, and get he meds when he needs them. Don't get me wrong I do talk to them....but I know that their not going to respond. The other big joke is clients rights. A class I have to take every year. Funny how our rights as employees never come up in these classes. It's a joke! I can't tell you how many times I haved watch them walk all over their rights. All in the name of their bottom line. I could report them. Nothing will be done about it and I'll lose my job for doing the right thing. I have seen this scenerio play out again and again with the same end results. I really really really hate my job.


Tattooed & Atheist (T&A) said...

Developmental disabled? I worked in that field for 6 years... I must say that god was never thrown around in the home I worked at. (A surprise for Utah!) I'm glad you spoke up! I did have a good time for the most part though.

tina said...

I'm glad I have my children that will speak for me when I am ill or dying. I wish you liked your job more, Bob. Good post, it gets me to thinking about stuff that I should be.

Pyramidhead said...

it has it moments. I have been with this job since 99. it's a deadend job. I have gone as far as I can in this company.

Larro said...

I was here. Be back to comment further.

James said...

Dude people suck. When I get to that point in life I hope I have someone like you to stick up for my rights as a non-theist, Atheist, philosophic Buddhist.

I know that Buddhism is "technically" a religion but barely. I like it because it doesn't order you around and it doesn't believe in an imaginary man in the sky. Also, you don't have to worship the founder.

It "teaches" humans to take responsibility for themselves. Imagine that in our Christian bullshit world of, "I can do whatever the f**k I want and I'll just ask for forgiveness and then believe that everything is a-o.k. after that."

I don't think it's bad form to want his radio after he "goes toward the light." I hate that term too. How do they know that's not just your brain freaking out and releasing endorphins and other "feel good" chemicals to ease your pain as you die.

That's what I believe. I know those chemicals are up there and CAN do that as I use to be an ecstasy druggie. It's not "God," it's your brain shutting down and just doing what it was built to do.

When I start going down hill I'll be giving away my shit to people who could better enjoy them. Like you said, they ain't gonna need 'em.

This brings something else to mind. I am all for assisted suicide. I think if we can let our pets just go to sleep then humans should have the same right to die with some goddamn dignity.

Sorry to ramble on your blog.


Tex said...

Sounds like a shocker of a job Pyramidhead. I think you've gotta be a certain personality type to work with ill or disabled people, but maybe those who care too much can't handle it because they can't hack seeing people suffer? I dunno, I know I couldn't do it, so i empathize with you and hope you find something more enjoyable.