Saturday, October 13, 2007

Glen Beck....who give this moron a show!

Ever want a good laugh. Watch Glen Beck. He is an ass in every sense of the word. This corproate stooge wants to go into Iran. Never mind the fact that our military is all ready over stretched. You know in place like Iraq and Afganistan. Where the fight not going so well. Anyone who has studied history know what happen when you over stretch your military power. Just ask the German and The Japanese,the Romes about their attempts at world conquest. Of cause This ass is not going to go and fight. Thats left to the poor and the working class. Of late he has had "good godfearing idiots" on his show. You know the funides who are all for kill in the name of god. The same clowns who think if you not one of "us" you shouldn't have right. The same people who will tell you the war in the middle east is justified. Glen is so fucking clueless is not funny. Glen is like so many christains ...he a good christain when he think it makes him look like redeeming human being. For me it just show what an ass he really is. I love his take on health care in this country and how socialize medicine is a "bad thing". I know it's a bad thing when you take care of your citizens and not put all the money in to the pockets of military -industrial complex. We don't need another jet fighter that can take a fly out at 3,000 miles. We need more jobs(I mean real jobs not mcdee's), better eduction,health care for all. I say we take people like Glen and make him work at a dead job.....make him go and fight the war he sooo badly wants in Iran. We don't need more glen in this world.


Tattooed & Atheist (T&A) said...

Beck is actually a Mormon, which is worse in my book. But that's because of being raised in Utah... They're bad though!
Beck is such an idiot! I think he has one of the worst ratings on TV, so why he's still on the air is beyond me! Ideas like arming teachers because of school shootings just show how unsophisticated his grasp on the problem at hand is. Urggggh!

tina said...

I don't know much about Beck. But I do know that some religious people are saying they are being persecuted. It just amazes me how someone sees it that way.

Why not follow the Separation of Church and State? Ohhh...I know, the religious people read it like they do the bible......Pick, choose, pick, choose. Wait, that Amendment doesn't mean what it says, it means.......:]

Tattooed & Atheist (T&A) said...

Tina, well said! Cherry picking is the name of the game!