Monday, October 8, 2007

Tomb Raider...banging my head against the wall!

I'm a gamer(and yes I have had sex with a real woman). Of late I have been pretty burnt out with most of my games. Silent hill series being one of my favorite .....But you can only play it for so long. Mid-night club,Naval ops,sims 2,Medal of honor series,killzone all games that I have played to no end. I thought Tomb raider I haven't played that in a while ...why not. Tomb raider is like a car wreck. Your horrified but you can't look away! This installment of tomb raider is called the angel of darkness. I have been stick at the same part for the last two years! You think I swear alot on some of my post. You should hear me playing this! I could use a cheat to get past this part. But whats the point of playing the game. Right now in the game I'm stick in a room with a red ghost. That can kill you with easy just by flying through you. In order to got out of the room I have grab a painting from the hands one of five statue. Sounds's not. The painting is a blue light that keeps moving from the hands of the statue. You have to shoot the ghost with a shotgun and this buy you a small amount of time(and I do mean a small amount of time...try like 3secs). which should let you grab the painting,unlocking the door to get out of this nightmare! In all the walkthroughs I have read they make it sound easy. Yet, I'm still stick in this part. Which takes all the fun out of the game. There's hard and then there is tomb raider annoying. So I'm going back to yell the tv and see if I can finaly get pass this part of the game. AAAggggghhhhhhhh!


tina said...

Wow! I can't believe I remember this part! I had one hell of a fricking time on this part! I found this,not sure if you have read this one yet.>>> I found this section extremely frustrating even using the tips provided by players who had beaten it. It took me quite a while to do it, but here's what finally worked for me:

The ghost can't harm Lara (much) while she's crouching, so immediately duck and start crawling around for the pick-ups. You'll find a large health pack, 2 boxes of V-Packer shells and the V-PACKER SHOTGUN (if you don't already have it) along one edge of the room and 2 more boxes of shells on the other side.

Now figure out which of the standing statues has the blue light. Crawl toward it but don't get too close or the painting will move to a different statue. Once you're in position, save your game. When the ghost moves away, stand up, draw the shotgun and crouch down again.

Shoot at the ghost and then duck when it swoops toward Lara, but don't put away that shotgun. Once the ghost passes, you can stand up again and Lara will automatically turn around to target it. Eventually it will be stunned. It's a bit difficult to tell when the ghost is stunned, but if you look closely, you'll notice that when it's not stunned, it sort of leans toward Lara and inches forward before swooping toward her. When it's stunned, it just hangs in the air motionless for a few seconds. When this happens, quickly holster your gun (otherwise Lara can't run straight) and run toward the statue with the blue light. As soon as you see the Hand icon, press Action to grab the painting. Then crouch again, check your inventory to make sure you have the FIRST OBSCURA PAINTING and save your game. (Whew!) >>>>>

tina said...

I must say, this is one of my all time favorite games.