Monday, November 26, 2007

Have a drink on me!

I got to thinking about Tex comment on my last post. I to use to drink...Alot. It wasn't uncommon for me to kill off a 12-pack by myself in a sitting. It start with a six-pack in the morning after work then it became a 12-pack after a while. On the weekend when I would go over to Larro to hang out. I could easly drink my way through a 12-pack and be working on a second 12-pack by myself. Making a complete ass of myself. I was one of four drunks. Happy drunk,arguementive drunk,loving drunk or ultra depressed drunk. The last one being the worst of the bunch. When I became ultra depressed drunk, I would cut myself(no I don't do this anymore). Of cause when I sober up...I would feel like a real big ass. I still have the scars to remind me what a dumb ass I was. This went on for a couple years. One morning after a real big binder. I wake up and thought to myself, this is getting old real quick. So I stop drinking. Cold turkey. I think it was a month or two went by...not a drop. Then I thought what the hell I feel like having a beer. After killing of seven beers ....I knew then I was done with drinking. I haven't had a drop since I have no desire to drink..every again. Now I can sit back and watch other people drink them selves in to a stupor. That use to be me,but not anymore. I have been sober for the last 3 or 4 years. I sober up on my own. How did I do this you ask? Well lets start with the taste the it leaves in your month. I don't care how many time you brush your teeth...that does not go away. The number it did on my stomach. I love waking up with pain in my gut. Lets not forget the nauseous feel that stay with you all day. I'm not knock anyone who want to have a drink,it just not for me anymore. As for my last post. Sometimes I just need to bitch and then I feel better. But thanks for all the support!


T&A said...

I quit about three years ago too. I'm glad you're feeling a bit more chipper. (If that's possible) ;)

Tex said...

Yeah, good to see. I read t&a's link in that other comment on your previous blog, and though I never quite got suicidal, my drinking got to the point where I knew it was not good for me and would lead to physical harm if I kept it up, but I didn't care - it was like "fuck it, nobody really cares, I don't care, I'm just gonna drink whenever I fukn feel like it, and if I die, so what?" - and the worse I felt, the more I would rationalise drinking as an escape, which only made me feel even worse, starting the cycle again.

I'm glad you're feeling better.

Pyramidhead said...

Thanks guys.

tina said...

Hopefully some people will learn from your mistakes when they read your post.
I grew up in an alcoholic family, both my dad and mom, then it got real bad with my step-dad. I used to drink but it got old, every weekend at the bar. Actually it got boring. I still have a beer now and then though, but at home.