Monday, September 10, 2007

The Church and the Third Reich

I think it's funny how the Catholic Church sought to minimize the damage it had done during WWII. Members of the Catholic Church have since proclaimed Hitler was an occultist or atheist. This was not true, Hitler was a devout Roman Catholic. They always fail to bring up the Pope who blessed fascism. The fact is that, for centuries, the Catholic Church has been the biggest driving force for Antisemitism, and other atrocities in the name of "god", in Europe and throughout the world.
The Catholic Church benefited greatly under fascism (Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, etc...). If you ask me the model of fascism has always been the Catholic Church. My whole point here is the fact that people and institutions deny and demonize ideologies and -isms to cover up their bullshit and never take responsibility for the horrible actions committed in the name of their ideology.


tina said...

Reading blogs and going to links posted, surfing Wikepedia, etc. I found out that quite a few people think Hitler was atheist. Do people just take someones word for it? (sheep?)

Holy sheep shit! I just noticed your screen name.....yes!!

tina said...